Mobile Security

Why I Use Apple Pay

image of a person using a phone as payment method

I was initially hesitant about using Apple Pay - I worried about what would happen if I lost my phone, and how secure my data would be, however, after looking more into the security of Apple Pay I decided that the security enhancements are worth the risks.

Is it Safe to Use Public WiFi?

image of a person using a phone

A public network is a dangerous place to access something like your bank data -- especially if there is someone who knows what they’re doing on that network.

Is SMS Verification Secure?

image of a two-factor sms code on an iPhone

In today’s world of cyber security threats, multi-factor authentication (MFA) is always a good idea, and is more secure than using just a password. However, not all MFA methods are created equal.

Is Biometric Verification Secure?

image of a phone with a fingerprint scanner

Many smartphones now have biometric verification capabilities. Whether that is a fingerprint scanner, an iris scanner, a retina scanner, facial recognition, or voice recognition, we are increasingly being given the option of a convenient and secure way to gain access into our devices. But how secure is it?