The Folding Phone Trend of 2019

cartoon image of a folding phone

Is 2019 the year of the folding phone?

Why I Use Apple Pay

image of a person using a phone as payment method

I was initially hesitant about using Apple Pay - I worried about what would happen if I lost my phone, and how secure my data would be, however, after looking more into the security of Apple Pay I decided that the security enhancements are worth the risks.

Is it Safe to Use Public WiFi?

image of a person using a phone

A public network is a dangerous place to access something like your bank data -- especially if there is someone who knows what they’re doing on that network.

Five Mobile Ports that Won't Disappoint

Man playing mobile game

Here are five video games that are just as good on mobile devices!.

Is Biometric Verification Secure?

image of a phone with a fingerprint scanner

Many smartphones now have biometric verification capabilities. Whether that is a fingerprint scanner, an iris scanner, a retina scanner, facial recognition, or voice recognition, we are increasingly being given the option of a convenient and secure way to gain access into our devices. But how secure is it?

What's Wrong With Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming

From dead-simple point-and-push children's games to nefarious free-to-play monstrosities bolstered by exploitative in-app purchases, mobile games are, unfortunately, rife with unscrupulous developers and publishers who reuse stolen assets and...

Five Android Apps That I Can't Live Without

Android phone

Android OS has a host of exclusive apps that you simply cannot get on iOS. Here are five of my personal favourites!