Mobile History

Cellphone Memories

2000s flip phone

Three MobileRadar staffers recall their first mobile phones. Did you ever have a brick phone? A flip phone that required you to press 3 buttons just to get one letter in a text message? Read this article for ultimate nostalgia.

A History of Mobile Phones: Part Four

blackberry phone with no service

In Part Four, the concluding part of the series, we will explore important competitors like BlackBerry and Windows Phone, 4G and 5G, and what the future may hold for mobile phones.

A History of Mobile Phones: Part Three

Apple iPhone

In Part Three, we look at the smartphone revolution!

A History of Mobile Phones: Part 1

Image of an old style mobile phone

In 1908, the Oakland Transcontinental Aerial Telephone and Power Company announced they were developing a wireless telephone.

A History of Mobile Phones: Part 2

Assorted mobile phones

We continue to explore the history of mobile devices, all the way to the rise of smart phones!.