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The Folding Phone Trend of 2019

cartoon image of a folding phone

Is 2019 the year of the folding phone?

Samsung Galaxy S10's Ceramic

image of Samsung ceramic

Is it worth it to upgrade to Samsung Galaxy S10's Ceramic?

Nokia's Indestructable Icon: a Tribute to the Nokia 3310

Nokia 3310

The 3310 were famed for their extreme durability and longevity, and that's no lie. I dropped mine on concrete, from my third story apartment balcony, and it fell off my bedside table countless times. It was only in 2014, after more than a few years as a dedicated Snake II machine, that the internal battery finally drew its last breath.

What ever Happened to the Windows Phone?

Windows Phone

As early as 2004, Microsoft was eyeing the upcoming smartphone market due to their successful PDAs, the Pocket PC. But unfortunately -- the technology was simply not there yet, and development of the technology lagged behind Apple.

The Tapwave Zodiac

Tapwave Zodiac

The Tapwave Zodiac wasn't a bad PDA, but it wasn't great either.

SoftBank Pantone 107SH


SoftBank's Pantone 107SH is a phone with a very specific, and sad, set of technical specs.

Mobile Thunderdome!

iPhone or Android?

To take a look at the well-reasoned pros and cons of the systems, two Mobileradar staffers (associate editors Alexander Laine and Nathan Ryan) duke it out to see which OS reigns supreme! Editor-in-Chief Dave Bouchard will be the judge

Weird Phones: Sirin Labs Solarin


Do you think spending over $1,000 on a mobile phone is excessive? $1,500? How about over $16,000?

Weird Phones: HTC Rhyme


When researching phone options for this series I was delighted to find that, of course, there is a mobile phone that was widely mocked for its gendered marketing. Ladies, are you tired of cellphones designed exclusively for men? Look no further than the HTC Rhyme!

Weird Phones: Honourable Mentions

In our "weird Phones" series, we take a look at some of the more esoteric oddball devices that have come out over the years.