Is The Samsung Galaxy S10's Ceramic Upgrade Worth It?

Dave Bouchard | March 13th 2019

Samsung S10

Is coughing up $250 for some added protection worth it?

The Galaxy S10 has been getting pretty good notices since launching earlier this year. Of its myriad new features, one thing that has noticeably stood out in the eyes of some in the mobile phone press is its ceramic coating upgrade, which improves on the base "Gorilla Glass" coating and comes with a $250 USD price tag.

But, you may wonder, is this technological and structural upgrade worth the higher price tag? Vanessa Hand Orellana at Cnet recently did a comparison of the "Gorilla Glass' base model and the ceramic upgrade with five different drops that measured different heights and whether the phone was upside down or right side up. Here is what she found.

3 Foot Drop, Back Side Down

At hip height, most of the damage done to both phones was to its aluminum frame. Neither the S10 Ceramic or the base model endured a large amount of damage to the phone itself.

3 Foot Drop, Screen Side Down

Once again, from this height, there was only cosmetic damage to the phone's frames and neither phone itself was particularly damaged by the drop.

5 Foot Drop, Back Side Down

At this height, Orellana does see (or hear, at first) a difference between the two phone models. The "Gorilla Glass" base model shatters quite prodigiously in the top right, whereas the ceramic model holds together relatively unscathed.


From here, Orellana continues with the ceramic model (up to over six feet high), and while the screen is eventually rendered useless, the ceramic back remains totally unscathed. So is it worth $250? Maybe not. But there is definitely a discernible difference between the two.

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