Mobile Applications

A Review of the Fortnite Mobile Port

person using mobile phone

Fortnight Battle Royale for mobile is an amazing example of a seamless port. The game is just as fun and exciting on mobile as it is on PC or PlayStation.

Five iOS Apps I Can't Live Without


Here are five iOS apps you gotta check out!

Android Exclusive Apps

Android phone

Here are five mobile applications exclusive to the Android operating system that you've got to check out! iOS users beware, jealousy may occur.

Five Mobile Ports That Won't Disappoint

Person playing a game on a mobile phone

Here are five video games that are just as good on mobile devices!

What's Wrong With Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming

From dead-simple point-and-push children's games to nefarious free-to-play monstrosities bolstered by exploitative in-app purchases, mobile games are, unfortunately, rife with unscrupulous developers and publishers who reuse stolen assets and...