Five Android (Exclusive) Apps That I Can't Live Without

Nathan Ryan | February 11th 2019

Android phone

Here are five Android apps you've got to check out!

So Anna has her iOS apps listicle, huh? Thinks she's better than us Android users, huh?? Well, I'll show her -- I'll show all of you! I WILL SHOW YOU ALL!

Er, I mean, I will show you some Android OS-exclusive apps for all you Android users out there worldwide! After all, there are more of us then them! Ha ha! No bitterness involved.

Okay, but seriously, Android OS does have a host of exclusive that you simply cannot get on iOS. Here are five of my personal favourites!

5. ADV Screen Recorder: iOS is notoriously light on screen cap apps, and Android has you covered here. ADV Screen Recorder is great for when you need to capture on-screen information, particularly for sharing an informative YouTube video or the like (as I used to do). Well-worth having!

4. AirDroid: There are remote access apps on iOS, but none have matched the power of usability of AirDroid for me. I've been a dedicated user for a while now, and I can honestly say it has saved my butt a couple of times. Check it out!

3. Flud: There are a number of legitimate, non-illegal reasons to use the torrent file format for of unsavoury, piracy-related concerns, Apple tends to see them all as potential Pirate Bays and shuts em down. Not so for the relative freedom of the Google Play store, which allows legitimate torrent enthusiasts like me to download torrents to our tiny computers with apps like Flud. Check it out!

2. Tasker: Tasker may not be a free app, but if you value automation and consolidation Tasker can have your phone working like a goshdarn machine. Which it is. Already. Just a better one. Listen, it's a good app okay!

1. The Android OS itself. Yeah, that's right, it's better than iOS. Is this controversial? I don’t know. I like it, though, and what’s more exclusive than the OS itself?


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