The Folding Phone Trend of 2019

cartoon image of a folding phone

Is 2019 the year of the folding phone?

Why I Use Apple Pay

image of a person using a phone as payment method

I was initially hesitant about using Apple Pay - I worried about what would happen if I lost my phone, and how secure my data would be, however, after looking more into the security of Apple Pay I decided that the security enhancements are worth the risks.

Samsung Galaxy S10's Ceramic

image of Samsung ceramic

Is it worth it to upgrade to Samsung Galaxy S10's Ceramic?

The Fortnite Mobile Port

person using mobile phone

Fortnight Battle Royale for mobile is an amazing example of a seamless port. The game is just as fun and exciting on mobile as it is on PC or PlayStation.

Is Biometric Verification Secure?

image of a phone with a fingerprint scanner

Many smartphones now have biometric verification capabilities. Whether that is a fingerprint scanner, an iris scanner, a retina scanner, facial recognition, or voice recognition, we are increasingly being given the option of a convenient and secure way to gain access into our devices. But how secure is it?

Is SMS Verification Secure?

image of a two-factor sms code on an iPhone

In today’s world of cyber security threats, multi-factor authentication (MFA) is always a good idea, and is more secure than using just a password. However, not all MFA methods are created equal.

A History of Mobile Phones: Part Four

blackberry phone with no service

In Part Four, the concluding part of the series, we will explore important competitors like BlackBerry and Windows Phone, 4G and 5G, and what the future may hold for mobile phones.

Five Mobile Ports That Won't Disappoint

Person playing a game on a mobile phone

Here are five video games that are just as good on mobile devices!

Is it Safe to Use Public WiFi?

image of a person using a phone

A public network is a dangerous place to access something like your bank data -- especially if there is someone who knows what they’re doing on that network.

Windows Phone

Windows Phone

As early as 2004, Microsoft was eyeing the upcoming smartphone market due to their successful PDAs, the Pocket PC. But unfortunately -- the technology was simply not there yet, and development of the technology lagged behind Apple.

Android Exclusive Apps

Android phone

Here are five mobile applications exclusive to the Android operating system that you've got to check out! iOS users beware, jealousy may occur.

Cellphone Memories

2000s flip phone

Three MobileRadar staffers recall their first mobile phones. Did you ever have a brick phone? A flip phone that required you to press 3 buttons just to get one letter in a text message? Read this article for ultimate nostalgia.

A History of Mobiles Phones: Part One

Image of an old style mobile phone

Portable phone technology has been theorized, prototyped, and even developed since basically as long as we've had phones at all. In 1908, the Oakland Transcontinental Aerial Telephone and Power Company announced they were developing a wireless telephone. However, no prototype ever emerged.

A History of Mobile Phones: Part Two

Assorted mobile phones

We continue to explore the history of mobile devices, all the way to the rise of smart phones!

A History of Mobile Phones: Part Three

Apple iPhone

In Part Three, we look at the smartphone revolution!

Five iOS Apps I Can't Live Without


Here are five iOS apps you gotta check out!

What's Wrong With Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming

From dead-simple point-and-push children's games to nefarious free-to-play monstrosities bolstered by exploitative in-app purchases, mobile games are, unfortunately, rife with unscrupulous developers and publishers who reuse stolen assets and...

Nokia's Indestructable Icon: a Tribute to the Nokia 3310

Nokia 3310

The 3310 were famed for their extreme durability and longevity, and that's no lie. I dropped mine on concrete, from my third story apartment balcony, and it fell off my bedside table countless times. It was only in 2014, after more than a few years as a dedicated Snake II machine, that the internal battery finally drew its last breath.

Mobile Thunderdome!

iPhone or Android?

To take a look at the well-reasoned pros and cons of the systems, two Mobileradar staffers (associate editors Alexander Laine and Nathan Ryan) duke it out to see which OS reigns supreme! Editor-in-Chief Dave Bouchard will be the judge

SoftBank Pantone 107SH


SoftBank's Pantone 107SH is a phone with a very specific, and sad, set of technical specs.

Weird Phones: Sirin Labs Solarin


Do you think spending over $1,000 on a mobile phone is excessive? $1,500? How about over $16,000?

Weird Phones

In our "weird Phones" series, we take a look at some of the more esoteric oddball devices that have come out over the years.

The Tapwave Zodiac

Tapwave Zodiac

The Tapwave Zodiac wasn't a bad PDA, but it wasn't great either.

Weird Phones: HTC Rhyme


When researching phone options for this series I was delighted to find that, of course, there is a mobile phone that was widely mocked for its gendered marketing. Ladies, are you tired of cellphones designed exclusively for men? Look no further than the HTC Rhyme!