About Mobile Radar

Mobile Radar is a blog that was created by mobile curious millennials. As mobile phones increasingly become a fundamental part of our lives, we want to educate the public, and share our thoughts on the world of mobile phones. Here at Mobile Radar, you can find information about mobile gaming, the history of mobile phones, the best and the worst of mobile gear, and tips on being secure with your mobile device.

About Our Writers

Anna Kim

First Phone: Nokia 8210

Favourite Phone: LG Chocolate KG800

Current Phone: iPhone 10

Favourite App: Noisli

Alexander Laine

First Phone: US Cellular Flip Phone

Favourite Phone: iPhone

Current Phone: iPhone 10s

Favourite App: Evernote

David Bouchard

First Phone: Nokia 5210

Favourite Phone: Nokia Lumia

Current Phone: Nokia Lumia 1020

Favourite App: Camera+ 2

Nathan Ryan

First Phone: Nokia 3310

Favourite Phone: Google Pixel 3

Current Phone: Google Pixel 3

Favourite App: Tetris for Android

Gabriela D'Souza

First Phone: Blackberry Pearl

Favourite Phone: iPhone 6

Current Phone: iPhone XS

Favourite App: Instagram

Waleed C.

First Phone: Motorola Razr

Favourite Phone: iPhone Xs Max

Current Phone: iPhone 8 +

Favourite App: MyFitnessPal